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While scrolling through Google Maps, I stumbled upon this fairly lengthy private railroad near Santa Rosa.  The track appears to be either standard or narrow gauge, as it's too wide to be one of the smaller amusement gauges.  Does anyone have any info on this railroad?  It's off of Dunbar Road, and there are no signs indicating a club or museum.,-122.5223869,125a,35y,2.99h...!3m1!1e3?hl=en&authuser=0

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  This railroad is on the Lassetter family winery property. It is owned by John Lassetter of Pixar fame.

Is this the private hobby railroad that was created by Walt Disney's friend and/or employee years ago? I don't have my copy of the book handy, but there is a standard gauge private "layout" in Sonoma written up in the book on Walt Disney's railroads, which covers his scale live steam layout at his home and all of the Disney amusement park engines and rolling stock. Very interesting book, BTW. I think it can be purchased at the Disney Family Museum at the GGNRA Presidio of San Francisco where they have his scale engine and rolling stock on display.

  Yes this the one, although this narrow gauge not standard gauge. This engine and cars was owned by Ollie Johnson. This was the guy that was very influential to Walt Disney and encouraged him in Railroads. It was in a storage shed in San Diego when John Lasseter purchased it. If you look on YouTube there is a clip of Jay Leno visiting this train on Lasseters property. Interesting side note when the locomotive was rebuilt it was brought back to Disneyland so Ollie Johnson could drive it at the park one last time. Ollie Johnson died in 2008.


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