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I'm a railfan first - a lover of all things technology, and innovation a close second - probably a tie...

A few weeks ago I pieced together my first "quadcopter" - a few of the videos I've put up here.

I'll be honest, it has opened a world of video & photography that I have dreamed about my whole life.  It's seriously amazing, and I've only begun to scratch the surface.

This article, I've just found, talks about the movement, and the quadcopter I pieced together is a twin of what's on the front page of the article.

I'm putting all my videos up on YouTube (for easy upload, access, archive, embeds, etc) - here:


In the coming months, I'm probably going to be starting up a Ning site like this here for folks who are local RC/drone enthusiasts.  Drop me a line if you are interested in meeting up to have a look and see if it's something you want to try, too.  It wasn't overly expensive to get started, but there is certainly an initial investment - all told, much much cheaper than lots of other hobbys/vices :-)


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I have always wanted to do something like that. I received as a Christmas present a mini RC helicopter to practice on, and the road to do so. However something went wacky, for it takes off crocked,and I can't get it to stay in one place.

I got hooked on the idea of aerial photos about two years ago... Realized that my driod phone (have since gotten an iPhone) was light & had a powerful camera for video/images.  
I went down to the local welding supply shop, got a tank of helium!  Used a tuna rod (long, strong line), garbage bags and zip ties to fly a driod (WAY) up over our house... I was hooked.

Problem with helium is: expensive, not reusable, and prone to tree entanglements with the lightest breeze.

I figured an RC plane might work - but it can't hover.  RC helicopters that can actually lift a camera have huge deadly blades.

Enter: quadcopter.

It lifts my GoPro camera with EASE.  Even has the built-in capability of a two-axis camera gimbal (this is next on my to-do list)

...and, if I want to go bigger, and send something like my DSLR camera up, I can use ALL the same electronics, and build a frame for 6, 8, or 12 motors (and larger batteries).

My friend (Santa Cruz) just made this *dodecacopter*:

Meantime, I *just* want to know (reliably) when the NWP will be in SR's Railroad Square!  Anyone?  Bueller?  :-)

Tu/Th after 3pm is your best bet. MAY be way after 3, yesterday they had a grass fire in RP that delayed them. Tu there was a huge delay at the exchange....

Thanks Steve :-)

The delay was caused by a federal regulator, CFNR had all the cars had all the cars ready to go, but a federal regulator bad ordered a few which forced the CFNR to switch them out and put them in the repair track.

Amazing -- how much do you think your friend has spent on this rig?  I have no idea how much these things cost but I suddenly want one, though that would mean fewer dollars to spend on model railroading, camera gear, computers, and all the other things my wife would rather I didn't spend money on.  Looks fun!

Mark D.

I looked at kite rigs. Still, I have more ideas than time or money.


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