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As many of you probably know, the long awaited "prototypically correct" SD9s from Walthers, due in January (they say) are now joined by a pair of SD7s in the 3rd of four numbering series.  They are #s1427 and 1430. No. 1427 was originally 5320, renumbered to 2727 in 1965, and numbered again in 1979 or 1980. Apparently never appeared on the NWP. The other was originally 5323 and was on the NWP with that number in 1956, then 2730, then 1430. As far as I know, neither of these 1400 series SD7s were on the NWP, having moved on by then. Anyone have any information to the contrary?

Nice models but I should save my money if I insist on NWP models. I'm assembling a "1970s" train and it would be nice to include one, but not if it never happened.

BTW, according to the SP modelers site, 1430 was yet renumbered again to 1523. Good grief.

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I reserved copies of the P2K Walthers SD9s back in November 2011.  The expected delivery date has been pushed back three times.  Walthers has not said a word about the delays.  Pathetic!

In the meantime, BLI/Paragon2 has delivered four SP SD7/9 road numbers, and Athearn/Genesis has delivered a bunch of GP7/9s.

Me too. Aggravating. You won't know if this is for real until January.


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