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More traffic is coming to our rail networks. Due to fuel increasing many companies are transitioning their logistics back to rail. I really see in many ways NWP and Coos Bay Rail Link to be akin in many different ways. Please check out the CBR Report

Part of the report that really underscored the importance of an active rail network in a region is this column about Jobs "In 2007, when the rail line closed, American Bridge Manufacturing employed 100 people. Without rail to cost effectively move raw steel and steel components, the company was unable to bid competitively in the western U.S. market.

Employment dropped to less than 20.

One year after rail service was restored, the company won a major bridge construction project.

The company now employs 60 workers in its manufacturing plant."

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I really hope Amtrak can get the contract back. It would be huge and might cover the subsidy.

The biggest irony is, back in the day, that's how railroads were able to keep passenger service privatized. RPO and REA were the fed ex and USPS of the day. I hope USPS works with Amtrak too but that will have to be a wait and see

Thanks Chris  The USPS report was a good read. I noticed it said excise tax on highway diesel 24 cents gal in 1993 and has not risen if I read that right. So if trucks get twice the mileage, and highway repairs etc doubled since 1993, then they are effectively only paying 25% towards repairs as compared to 1993.  If the average motorist knew this, they would all be insisting on freight by rail!!!!  Every town needs an offload track and ramp for trailers etc. 


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