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Just received news via carrier pigeon and smoke signal. FRA Region 7 (Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah) has completed inspection on the NWP. Region 7 is satisfied with the results, and will submit a recommendation to the FRA in Washington DC to lift EO 21. The FRA is expected to respond by the late February or early March.

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Excellent news, Jordan -- thanks for passing along the update.  Sounds like it may be April or later until we finally see trains running, assuming SMART and NCRA can come together.  Regards,


Mark D.

More specifically from Altamont Press  


EO 21 FRA Inspection 
FRA track and signal inspectors began the initial inspection of track and grade crossing 
warning signals and bridge signals during the week of January 3-7, 2011. The track 
inspection is complete. FRA’s signal inspectors returned to re-inspect selected signals 
during the week of January 31 through February 3. By the end of the month, FRA 
Region 7 will make a recommendation to FRA in Washington, DC regarding the lifting 
of EO 21. FRA’s decision should come in late February or early March

Also from that meeting...

NCRA/SMART Operating Agreement

All of the major issues regarding the Replacemement Operating Agreement with SMART

have been resolved, except one. The one remaining issue relates to the so-called

Termination Provision (Sec. 15.04). Legal Counsel for NWP Co. and NCRA are

working on final language that will ensure protection of NCRA’s exclusive freight

easement on the Healdsburg and Lombard segments of the NWP line. The goal is to

have the final Operating Agreement ready for adoption when the NCRA and SMART

Boards meet in February and March, with the likelihood of an NCRA Special Board

Meeting to consider the final proposed agreement.



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