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  It appears to me that the new NWP is not looking for business in the San Rafael area as the tunnel will not accomodate anything other than pedestrians, bikers, and SMART trains.  Is that accurate?  It looks as though the powers that be would have to enlarge the portal to ship any freight in or out of San Rafael.

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No there's really no business, or room, down there for freight or intermodal, and right across the bay is one of the largest intermodal transferring facilities in the world. So there's no need for intermodal, nor would it make any logical or financial sence.


  sic:  sense........

What have they done with the tunnel so far? You're talking about the one north of the downtown near the County building? I've got some pictures of how it looked a few years ago.

no work has been done to the tunnel that goes between san rafael and TL OR North san rafael 

 it is sealed off 

so you cant walk throught it

 i tryed in 2007 found it blocked  on the san rafael side

The tunnel has been redone with a pedestrian/bikeway on one side and a SMART access on the other side.

Your talking abut the Cal Park tunnel...

NWP isn't looking for business in San Rafael because there aren't any now, any that would use rail.


Zachary M. Toler

What about shamrock ?. there's also golden state lumber and rafael lumber 

When was the last train to ever go south of the NO-vato wye???

1981 or after  i was i high school when the were still running to san rafael in 1980

i think he is talking about the cal park tunnel larkspur / san rafael  it open to pedestrians, bikers no rail has been layed for smart yet

 the other tunnel is in north san rafael


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