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How many of you are using COMCAST as your Internet service provider?  I'm in the north bay (Vallejo, CA) and I ALWAYS have trouble connecting to this site using COMCAST -- and only this site.  I have no problem connecting via AT&T or  I suspect a problem with a COMCAST name server, but the last time I talked to them about a similar problem I got nowhere.  It would be helpful to know if others have had trouble connecting to this site via COMCAST or other providers.  Thanks!


Mark:  maybe you can post links to other NING sites so that I can test those. 


If I open three browser windows and have each attempting to connect to NWPRR.NET and keep hitting refresh on the three windows I will eventually connect.  In the past this technique would sometimes take quite a while, but lately its been successfully after only a few repetitions.


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Up to a couple of weeks ago, I had no trouble getting onto the, most of the time it's a joke ! I have Comcast... What has happened in the last few weeks, to make connecting so hard ?

Gary:  I can't explain it.  For me, I've had trouble connecting via Comcast for about two years!  There was a few months earlier this year where I could connect easily, but then the frustration returned.


The solution is to stop using the Comcast DNS resolution service.  Change the DNS on your computer and all devices that use your Comcast network to and/or


See my reply on the previous page for instructions.

Reply by Dave S. on March 30, 2012 at 6:35pm


In that reply is a PDF download that will tell you how to reconfigure your Windows computer (Win/XP, Win 7 is similar).


This has solved the problem for me and others.  There is no downside that I can determine.


Good luck!

I have troubles too, and I have Comcast.


One fix for this problem is to set your computer. tablet, and smartphone to use something other than the Comcast DNS resolution service.  I choose to use Google.  There are instructions for Windows users in a PDF in my message dated March 30, 2012 at 6:35 pm (see prior page of this thread).

Here are the instructions from Google, which accomplish the same thing, although I think they might frighten some people:


Change one computer or device at a time and verify connectivity before moving on to the next device.


For me and others, this change has turned night into day in terms of our ability to connect to this site reliably via Comcast.  It's so totally worth it to make this change!


Let us know how it works for you!



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