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How many of you are using COMCAST as your Internet service provider?  I'm in the north bay (Vallejo, CA) and I ALWAYS have trouble connecting to this site using COMCAST -- and only this site.  I have no problem connecting via AT&T or  I suspect a problem with a COMCAST name server, but the last time I talked to them about a similar problem I got nowhere.  It would be helpful to know if others have had trouble connecting to this site via COMCAST or other providers.  Thanks!


Mark:  maybe you can post links to other NING sites so that I can test those. 


If I open three browser windows and have each attempting to connect to NWPRR.NET and keep hitting refresh on the three windows I will eventually connect.  In the past this technique would sometimes take quite a while, but lately its been successfully after only a few repetitions.


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Dave,  I've never had a problem connecting to this site with Comcast here in Petaluma.



I have ATT at home and Comcast elsewhere,(both Sonoma Co)  never a problem either place.

Hello Dave,


No one else has reported the unusual problem you are seeing with the network, nor for other Ning networks, far as I know.  Here are a few more Ning networks you can try, just to see if it's specific to the way Ning handles domain aliasing:




Non-domain-mapped: (my local model railroading club)


Give those a try and let me know if you have problems with any.  Ning does domain mapping in a very standard way, so I'm reasonably certain this is an issue with your ISP, as you mention.  Regards,


Mark D.

Hi Mark:  thanks for posting those links.  I had no problem with any of them.  After the first group of three worked, I tried and, as usual, it failed to connect.  Then I tried the second group of three, and of course, those worked too.  Then I tried again, and it worked.


I will keep playing with this and may eventually discover a pattern.


There could, in fact, be others who are unable to connect, and simply give up on the first try.  We have no way of knowing one way or another.


I'm sure the problem is with Comcast, but they are unwilling to get a knowledgeable technical person involved.



I'm still having chronic difficulties connecting to this site using Comcast from my home in Vallejo.  No troubles with any other service that I've tried.  It's not a browser issue or a problem with my Cisco gear either.  This has been going on for almost two years.


I have always suspected and can now confirm that the problem is with Comcast's DNS resolution service.  For the last few weeks it has been virtually impossible for me to connect using Comcast, but I reconfigured Windows to use the Google DNS resolution service -- and boom! my problem appears to be solved now!!!!


I've seen evidence of other NWPRR users having this same problem, while there are plenty of you who use Comcast that don't have this issue.  I suspect that the reason is that the problem is localized to certain cities or possibly even at the neighborhood level, but we don't have enough information from users who can't connect to draw any conclusions -- a maddening consequence of this problem.


If you, or anyone you know, is suffering with this Comcast issue, you might benefit, as I have, from the attached instructions.


Hope this helps!



Good job, Dave - you're hired!  I started having problems with my Comcast connection here in Petaluma a couple months ago.  I just reset my DNS settings for Mac using Google's ( and it got me right in.  Isn't this technology wonderful?  Thanks.


Dave! Man of the year!

It worked for my windows computer, but not for my mac or ipad now...

Thanks so much! I missed being able to get on here!


Hi Dave and all,

It worked for me too. It took me a while to find the spot to change, but I finally did and WOW it works.


Gus in Penngrove on Comcast

Works on my mac at the coast/Comcast. Haven't tried everything else, wary because I don't really understand what it was I did, but it works for now!

I just add the www to the address and it works!!

Glad this solution is working for you all.  I really rushed those instructions together before bolting for the weekend.


The worst thing that could happen is if the changes were made incorrectly and you then lost all Internet connectivity.  I didn't warn you about that possibility, but after reviewing the Google instructions, I see that they are concerned about that.


In any event, if you are able to get on to this site more reliably now, I don't see any down-side to the DNS change.


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