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I know the NWP is getting desperate for new customers and to me trans loading seems like a huge possibility. I had a few questions though. Does anyone know how trans loading on the NWP works? Does NWP supply the forklifts and crew or does the customer? Does NWP have trucking companies that they work with to transport loads to or from the customer or does customer set that up.

Just trying to understand why customers and so hesitant on trans loading.


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I don't know how current the info is, but per their website (

Transload locations:
- Schellville (provided by NWP)
- Petaluma (also NWP)
- Windsor (provided by Standard Industrial)

I thought that Dutra would be an active customer by now.  Anyone know what is happening to that opportunity?  I will assume that materials are still being shipped to Dutra by barge.

And there is a LOT of aggregate going into the reconstruction of 101.  How is all of that being transported?  Trucks on already gridlocked 101 or over hiway 12?

Now that is an interesting story about Dutra.  FYI the manufacturing of asphalt requires a LOT of low grade petroleum and isn't there a storage yard of that material nearby in tanker cars???

NWP is owned in part by Woodside Consulting ( and this is the kind of creative planning that they would dream up.


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