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On my way to court this morning (I'm a lawyer) I saw where they've started tearing out track and ties at the Civic Center Drive grade crossing in San Rafael, just east of the 101 underpass and east ofo the Embassy Suites hotel.  No activity at 9:00 AM, but excavation equipment on site and sections of track and ties removed.  I'm wondering how they plan to deliver CWR without any way of running a rail train in there?  Anybody know?

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Actually, that was "east of 101 underpass and WEST of the Embassy Suites!"

You're out of order!

Copy that, I can confurm. Saw rail removed from ties and a truck taking down crossing guards...around there and Larkspur this morning while headed to the city. Could not stop.

There is no information about San Rafael/Terra Linda construction on
SMART website (lack of info seems to be typical).

Who knows it might be just a construction company replacing a drainage pipe or water line, gas line, sewage line or rebuilding the crossing on account it's been what over 12 years since a train pass by safely before SMART runs work trains or rail trains over the crossing.

That could be it, but I did notice significant brush clearing down there, as well as alot of track was taken out...could they be trying to start work and meet in the middle, similar to the transcontinental railroad? I'll be back down there soon, and i'll try to scope it out. 

The track has been removed from the civic center to the gallinas creek bridge

Looking at D.kosdrosky photos I have no ideal what the construction company is doing to the NWPs track? The truck in the photo does looks like a railroad salvaging companys truck.

Here's a link to an article posted yesterday in the San Rafael Patch.

Here we go again, sounds like the spotted owl and the San Joaquin valley deer mouse.


Here comes another lawsuit.

Seems to me, if clapper rails are all that endangered, it means there's just that much more room out there for the ones that are around, no?  This eco-fascism is starting to wear on me a bit.


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