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Mitch Valder has contacted me about my previous efforts to get TPL decals made. I have enlisted Bob Hogan to help in the effort, as he has been through the process before. He has contacts that can do the artwork and get the decal sheets made.


Bob and I can supply photos of the steam engines as of 1961 and later, as well as the GE diesels.Thanks to Mike Kellog of THA, we have photos of much of the TPL rolling stock.


What we don't have are front, side and rear photos of the Baldwins! These will be essential if we are to produce a complete set of TPL decals.


If you can help with photos, diagrams or just encouragemnet, let us know either on the site or by e-mail.


Also, please let us know if you might be interested in purchasing the decals if we can get them made. We arer planning both HO and N.


Richard Todd

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Thanks Richard, I would like a set in HO if they can be done.  Wish I could help with the Baldwin pics, if I run across any I will put them up here.

Richard, I am interested in a set in HO scale. I might be able to find a link or two of photos of the Baldwins, but this will require some searching. I have seen such photos, I just need to track them back down.


Zachary M. Toler

Just saw this.


I have pics of the Baldwins.


Can you have Bob Hogan contact me at u2milo "at"


Maybe we can get this done.

Richard, put me down for at least one set in HO.

I'm sure Bob will see this and contact you.

I would be interested if they were affordable. I have been searching for North Coast railroad decals....

No word from Mr. Hogan.


Time for another gentle prod?

Bob has been on vacation! I'm sure he will contact you soon. I'll be talking to him later this week.



Richard, I am interested in purchasing some sets for the Baldwin Diesels in HO scale.


Cyrus Gillespie

Count me in for a complete set of HO decals, and thanks for continuing to pursue this, Richard!  Regards,

Mark D.

Mark, thank Mitch Valder! He contacted me about my efforts from a year ago. At this point, all I'm doing is helping to get people together and gauge interest, which seems higher than a year ago.



Put me down for a set or two in N scale


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