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I noticed today's train had 17 cars going north bound, is that a new record?

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Yes, it is a record!

It almost looked like a real train!

Did all 17 cars make it to Petaluma?  I assume that is 7 cars from Schellville + the 10 at Burdell...

I watched it crossing the Petaluma River bridge yesterday so I guess all 17 made it.

The "Burdell 10" are next to the hopper cars on...wait for it...Hopper St. I did a census of sorts. I counted 28 or 29 grain cars in Petaluma today. 4 @ H&B, 8@ Dairyman's (7 out front, one in back), 4 Park siding,2 ore 3 @ Petaluma Poultry.  No sign of 2009. 

This is real good news!

That is good news! but NOvato won't let them have more then18 cars until the quiet zone is established.

hopefully they don't count.:)

NO!vato always has to rain on everyone's parade..... errrrrrrrr


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