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according to a post 5min ago on AP GGRM is on its way north 

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What is "AP"?

Of course I fell for the false news. Sorry guys.  I should know better 

Yes, it appears they have a troll over there who issues fake news.

Hi Chad,

We received the June issue of The Club Car, the PLA/NCRY publication a few days ago and in it is an update of the GGRM equipment move.  'Follows:

"The GGRM move to Shellville is on.  The manifest move is based on car movement.  It is not a Hospital move.  In other words, all cars must meet interchange requirements per U.P. standards.  Five cars were selected and the NCRY moved them out to Hearst Team Track #578.  The cars will be picked up 2 cars at a time since the cars must meet U.P. Timetable/Special Instructions for movement of this type of equipment.  These cars are sort of special handling per U.P. instructions, so, to move five cars, it takes one week.  The train that picks them up only operates on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Meanwhile there is a guard maintaining security while they are at Hearst."

(Dexter Day)

In another section:

"On the GGRM move to Schellville, things are progressing slowly.  The first 5 cars were set out on the Hearst team track for pickup by the U.P. last Friday.  These are the most valuable cars they have that can move on rail, so GGRM must keep security guards on them until they are picked up by the Union Pacific who will take them to the NWP, who will then move them to Shellville.  While two of the cars were supposed to be picked up on the 19th, UP did not do so. We are still trying to figure out what went wrong this time.  Although the cars are off NCRy, they are really not on UP either until they pick them up, so they are in some sort of railroad limbo."

(Henry Baum)

According to this discussion, the move has commenced.


Where is Hearst Team Track #578?


Hi Richard,

I believe he is referring to the Hearst interchange with the UP which is east of Sunol.

I didn't think the Niles Canyon railroad had laid track all the way to Hearst Jct.? 

Hi Richard,  My first visit to NCRY the line ended at Hearst; we rode the Skunk motor with the late great Henry Luna.  Now they are nearing Pleasanton, which is its goal.  :-)

Here's a recent video of a trip to Verona Rd.

Thanks once again Jennifer.  I've been to that junction and to Richard S's comment yes the NCRA has usable track east from Sunol to this junction.  It's the section further to the north which is of questionable status.  I know at one time they had dreams to running all of the way to Pleasanton but there is an RoW section that was coopted by some housing.  Not aware of their plans now.

You're most welcome Richard.  I believe they are looking at a couple of more miles of track from where they are for the Pleasanton station/ eot.  I believe you're correct about development on the row.  I recall driving out there a few years back when eot was Verona and we tried to locate where in Pleasanton the row was.

We sure do miss our visits to Niles Canyon. 


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