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Theft Alert: Train Station Hobbies Stolen Merchandise

Subject: Theft Alert: Train Station Hobbies Stolen Merchandise

PCR Members and Fellow Modelers:
It's with disbelief and great frustration that I notify you of a significant theft of model trains from a respected dealer in Sacramento.
Train Station Hobbies had five vendor tables at International Railfair in Roseville this past weekend.  They stock new inventory from major manufacturers and primarily service train shows and swap meets.  After the show was over Sunday, they packed their truck full of boxes and drove home to Sacramento.  During the night either late Sunday or early Monday morning thieves stole approximately $30,000 of new inventory from the back of their truck.
The police and investigators have told the proprietor he was likely targeted after the show by someone with a knowledge of their home address.  No other crimes in the neighborhood were committed and the thieves only broke open the cover over the bed of the truck, never dropping the tail gate.
Items stolen include 12 cases of newly-released Intermountain, Red Caboose, and Atlas freight cars.  Several boxes of Fox Valley GP60s, new Hornby Heislers, and BLI steam locomotives were stolen.  Dozens of TCS decoders and Digitrax hardware including command stations and throttles also stolen.
The owner is compiling a full inventory of stolen merchandise, but asked me to spread the news so other modelers are aware there are hundreds of hot models in someone's possession and to look out for any suspicious merchandise.
Please pass this news on to friends, hobby shops, and fellow club members.  If anyone should suspect stolen merchandise or has any clues, please contact Don Thamer at
For those of you who are also dealers or vendors, this is a terrible reminder we must all take extra precautions to protect inventory assets.  Don't be complacent in a safe neighborhood or with merchandise in a locked vehicle. 
Scott Inman
Sacramento, CA

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