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We all take so many things for granted on web sites as a virtual “Gift from Heaven” but it can become a major timesink for the admins to deal with the problems with these platforms.  Having been on the development side of online forums I can tell you that this is not yet a mature platform.

So to all of you who enjoy this site or just monitor, I recommend we individually send Mark a note of thanks.  He does not have to spend his time to do this and sometimes I personally wonder why he has.

But my sincere thanks to Mark Drury for caring for our common site (it takes a village) and deleting some of the pests that we have had in the past too.

When I see him I promise a bottle of J Sonoma sparkling wine or maybe Pliney the YOunger and stay healthy Mark.  The rails up here need you. 


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I am extremely grateful for this commercial-free platform for NWP, SMART, CFNR, CWR, A&MR, P&SR, etc. discussions.  Also, despite the technical problems, this site offers a much better way to organize, store, search, and browse the NWP and related railroad "knowledge base" than popular alternatives.

But, in addition to Mark's contributions, the membership has come alive recently posting great discussions, comments, and photos.  These contributions are just as valuable -- I can't keep up!  But that's a good problem!

To Mark and the Membership:  Thanks for a great railroading community!

Hear hear Richard and Dave! 

I am delighted that this site, in spite of its occasional glitches is... independent of the popular alternatives, one in particular (that I've had nothing to do with for nearly four much improved years).  In some ways it (NWPRR Network) is a bit analogous to an independent short-line railroad. 

Now that I'm no longer residing in the bay area, I appreciate this site even more.  Thanks very much Mark!


Yes. Yes. Yes. 

I live in Petaluma. I can no longer get out to see the activity first hand. I greatly appreciate this site to keep me updated.


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