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Found this on Trainews.  A lot of reading but scan over it.  Imagine 80 trains a day through the loop!!!!



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Maybe they'll finally let Amtrak run over it between Bakersfield and L.A..  The SP ran passenger trains over it, so it can be done.

I didn't see a mention of passenger service but as I was reading over parts of the report it seems like capacity now just doesn't allow them to do it.

for amtrak its faster to run a bus over the grapevine (about 2.5 hours) compared to going over tehachapi which would take like 6 hours from bfd to lax.

I may be off on my geography here but what about name trains that go over there? Southwest Chief or Starlight? Or something like that...I remember looking them up instead of taking two trains and a bus.

I thought The SP San Joaquin daylight would come in from LA and change power at Bakersfield cut off steam power and add diesel power and run train northbound out of Bakersfeild I thought I saw it in a video.

I vaguely remember that too, that must have been what I was thinking of.


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