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A number of you received spurious comments on your profiles from now-deleted spammer "James Pollard," and I apologize "he" was allowed into the network.  His answers to the membership questions were very specific and NWP-focused, which is why I approved him, but his email address domain might have tipped me off to his intent.  Sorry for the intrusion!

Mark D.

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Thanks, Mark !

I think his threats were hollow.  If he could hit thousands of people with those threatening e-mails sooner or later he'd find a few suckers who would send him (or her?) the $1,000.

His English was so terrible that I'm sure it had to have come from overseas.


Fred M. Cain


Mark is a good but busy guy.  He is a model RR fanatic and a techie like me too.

Thank you very much Mark! 

'Glad I missed out on this one.

'Best, Jen

Thanks, Mark.


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