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While reading the Press Democrat this morning I saw a photo on the front page of the Empire Section showing two former Southern Pacific Daylight cars/NWP 1990's excursion cars sitting on Asti Winery property. Heres the Photo:  


Just thought i'd share.




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Hey Chad, you might be interested to know that I've spotted some other rolling stock on NWP sidings via Google Earth and Bing Maps. I just did a little recon today, and I can confirm that there is a passenger car with Daylight paint at a siding just north of Highway 101 and Old Redwood Highway in Healdsburg. I'll see if I can get a picture or two in the next week. My hunch is that these cars are left over from the special NWP excursion train in 1996. There's also another car being stored at Standard Structures in Windsor, but I haven't had the chance to check that one out. Also, there should still be about 11 or 12 rusty hoppers in Windsor just south of the station.
The 11 hoppers in Windsor were moved about a year and a half ago, (I Believe became the shamrock-owned hoppers used in re-balesting the mainline) and the other car is used for storage. I've explored most of the mainline in windsor. Theres some pictures on this site of the former ATSF MOW car at Standard Structures. I dont believe the Daylight car in Healdsburg has any trucks, ive driven by it a couple of times and it sits flat on the ground, no trucks showing, however i may be wrong. Sence im only 14, I doubted they would let me onto their grounds to look at it, so I havnt asked, due to the fact theres a lot of NO TRESSPASSING signs. Although soon I will be up "ghost railfanning" Healdsburg Yard, so I'll see what I can do.

As a follow-up, I just posted two pictures of Coach #6 "Tuolumne" in Healdsburg. I'm pretty sure it served along with the two cars being stored in Asti. My hunch is that these few were privately owned, and the rest remain stranded up north in Willits.
There are still more of those Daylights even more stranded up by the Scotia mill. You can just barely spot them from the 101 though the trees just south of the mill near the drying stacks. There are in pretty rough shape.
I know exactly what cars you're talking about, Thad. I've seen them over the years from the time I was 5 and on, the weeds growing taller each time I passed by. Now, I can barely see any of them from the hiway. They are north of several stands of replanted redwoods on former TPL land. These trees have also grown over the years. When they were planted, you could still see the tracks, and now, the trees are probably 50 feet tall. By the way, is the THA planing on moving any of these cars?
Those cars don't belong to us. A member told me that they have been moved further south. I've been told that THA has no interest in these. Since we are currently raising funds to restore TPL #37 a 2-8-2T, the commuter cars and the Santa Rosa cars are a better match. Just hope NCRA will be turning their attention to the north end of the line someday soon so we have a place to run our train!
I hope so too. I will definately want to ride on THA's train, as soon as rides are offered! I didn't know that the cars in Scotia had been moved. It's hard to see through all the dang brush, it's so thick! I also haven't been quite that far south in Scotia in a while, in spite of very frequent trips down there. On a related note, up in Oregon, there is an operation that seems simaler to what THA is planning. The Port of Tillamook Bay RR has been out of service, due to '07 storm damage. In fact, the only trains running there now are excursions by The Oregon Coast Scenic RR, which operate on the coastal portion of the POTB's track. These consist of a logging Heisler, three custom built open air cars (all ex UP flats, I think), a SP commuter coach (which I believe had been stored on the Yreka Western), a bay window caboose (which they rent out), and sometimes one of the POTB's two Budd cars. I think The Oregon Coast Scenic is a non-profit operation. If they can pull it off up there, in isolation, it could happen here, too.
Those Scotia cars are still there, they removed the lower branches of a section of the trees, so you can see them again.


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