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SMART train construction to begin april 27.

here is the article in the press democrat 

i will go up to santa rosa on the 27th and and take some pics if i see anything 

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That would be cool if they had a six axled UP engine, but they might also use something like this.

 scroll down to the fifth photo

A trackmobile seems more realistic then a 6 axel UP unit;)

Anybody seen anything yet???

One piece of eqipment on the western spur that is fenced off. It looks to me like a MOW unit used for spike pulling. I will grab a pic and post it tomorrow.

I took a couple pics at the SMART/Whitbeck/Herzog yard yesterday.  They are operating some equipment on the ROW a few big blocks South of SR RR Square.  First pic is a long look down the tracks.  Second pic is the piece of equipment J.Sebastien mentioned.  ~jake


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