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SMART train construction to begin april 27.

here is the article in the press democrat 

i will go up to santa rosa on the 27th and and take some pics if i see anything 

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Hopefully NWP will get to help haul the ties and ballast cars. But we will have to see.

supplys of new ties and rail coming 

"The Santa Rosa-to-Petaluma segment is being rebuilt first because it will serve as the test track when the first rail car arrives in late 2013."

sounds like it will be a while before the drawbridge is replaced in Petaluma

It would not suprise me at all if they use outside power. Herzog will be making that call. We could have some cool stuff in Santa Rosa in a couple of days. They are already clearing a work sight at the Santa Rosa depot. Yard lights have been istalled as well as fencing. I imagine a train will be used for ballast only. If you go to the Herzog website you can get a idea of what equipment they will be using.

SMART had a public meeting last night. They said bridge and culvert work will begin on April 27 or 30th. track work will begin in June. trains will deliver cement ties on flat cars and they will have a rail train drop off CWR on the side of the tracks. Then they will be removing all the old ballast and will have three work sites, Santa rosa, Petaluma and NOvato.

Did they mention if NWP would supply the power or not? I know at the last NCRA meeting in febuary john williams was excited about potentially being the power to haul supplies.


D, did they specify when these work trains would arrive?

No. they just said track work would be in June. will just have to keep our eyes and ears open.

Indeed we will.


Zachary M. Toler

The rail trains are due to start arriveing at the end of May. There will 5 rail trains.

Just because NWP might be running the trains and providing the crews, don't expect 1922 or 2011/2009 to be powering the trains. Don't be surprised if a pair of big UP six axles are on the point. It's happened before for shortline work trains.

I was about to post that last night but I did not want to jump the gun or get people riled up. You are correct because Herzog does a lot of work for UP and BNSF and it makes sense from a insurance stand point. That would be cool to see a big six axled UP in here in Sonoma County. Think of all the press it would receive.


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