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  As of yesterday Smart began running trains from San Rafael to Larkspur. They are checking the crossing signals at night, from 9 pm to 3 am. This the first step in in certifying the line for public use. It would be great to see this extension operational before the end of the year. With this extension done Smart can start on the fully funded Windsor extension. There could be enough funds to keep going north after Windsor.

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Hey, that's great news Richard!  Hoping for the best.

Me too. When it opens I promised my 94 year old mother a ride. As a kid I used to track walk in the same area. Yes, I know it's not legal. But at twelve I was a rebellious kid. Nothing serious but I ready chaffed at authority. It was the 60's. Peace Love Dope. Ha Ha

I understand completely.  As a child I used to visit my great aunt in Marinwood (she retired from the AF at Hamilton) and take the bus from Petaluma; I used to think it would be nice to have train like they have on the peninsula.  Of course I can't think of the new Larkspur station without recalling fondly the Victoria Station restaurant that used to be there and my many visits in the 70s.

You went there too? When I was in the navy I took a Nurse there on a date. What a great idea making a railroad restaurant out of old box cars. When I told people the story they refused to believe. "Are you kidding. A restaurant made from old box cars. Impossible".

Wow Jennifer, Victoria Station.  I met my first wife at the Station in Sunnyvale.  Like the restaurant that endeavor did not survive.

But what I remember about Larkspur in the late '60's - early 70's was that there was a steam loco sitting next to the south tunnel portal.  2472 I believe which I have a pict posted here of restored 2472 sitting in Sunol.

Richard in West Sonoma Cty

Btw, here is an interesting website about Victoria Station.

Richard I'm not sure about 2472, but I recently discovered some photos of a couple of passenger cars and a Mike, I believe, that were stored there back then.  I want to say the engine is being restored, somewhere...  I'll try to find the images.

Here it is.

Thanks again, Dave S.  :-)

North to Ukiah!

Well this is certainly good news. Soon we might get service north to Cloverdale, and possibly Ukiah, if SMART goes that far.


if you want/expect to see SMART operating past Healdsburg and to Cloverdale, you need to move here and spend a LOT of money.

In fact the situation for SMART is quite dark financially as reported accurately by the PD and the I J unless they (SMART) can get a 2/3 voter approval of their sales tax extension effort early next year.

Ill be attending the SMART BOD meeting tomorrow @1:30 P M PDT in Petaluma and will speak to the Board about outreach. 

This is not a model railroad and needs volunteer efforts to keep it operating. For those of you that have been seduced into joining Facebook (not recommended) there is a page there for “Friends of SMART” that always provides current info on BOTH SMART progress and issues. 

I DO NOT RECOMMEND you join f’book to abtain info about SMART. But you can email /p>> to request more info re: SMART.

Hope to see you there. And Amelio as things stand and unless you or friends have REAL DEEP POCKETS and are benevolent too we will never see an operational ‘road in Cloverdale, let alone Willits. 

In all seriousness ....rr.neter’s it will take some serious public efforts to get this ‘road rebuilt just to Healdsburg. 

Richard Brand in W. Sonoma Cty. 

That's excellent news.


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