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SMART Right of Way Google Map now available to Members

Hello All,

I don't know if any of you will find use for this, but here is a copy of a map that I was working on for the NWP before Jake recently became GM.  This google map has locations of Mileposts, signals, bridges, and more between Ignacio and Windsor.  It is not entirely complete, but I expect it could be useful for railfanning.  I am unlikely to continue work on this project due to the new management at the NWP, however I'm happy to release it as a resource for our great members.  If anyone has suggestions of places to add, such as good photo locations or whatever, don't hesitate to let me know.


James J. Caestecker

Click Here for James' Map

Example of the map:

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That link isn't working for me.  :(

I'll post it now

This link appears valid, but I receive the message "We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your domain administrator for access."

it is hosted within Google Maps, so I'm not sure if you need a google account to access it.  If you do, you can go to Google's website and sign up for a free account using your existing email address. no strings attached.

Try this link:

James:  Yes, I'm logged into my Google account.  However, a common mistake with maps is failing to use the SHARE link.  You can't share maps using the web page address from your browser for some reason.  But the SHARE link provides a more compact link anyway.

This is the link when i clicked share by email

It's also public, so if you go to Google's My Maps, and search for " BrazosJct and Mainline Subdivision Map" it should come up


I thought that Jake had left the NWP.


well, NWP's website says otherwise.  Needless to say, I'm disappointed

different Jake but same email

Richard, Jake Park left, Jake Studer is the new GM


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