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I am now spending a lot of taxable money in Sonoma Cty and will be attending the Board of Directors meeting in Petaluma next Wednesday at 1:30.

The agenda shows nothing regarding freight service.  But there is an allocated time for public comment.  Not aware of how much time is allowed for each speaker but Pursuant to the Calif. State Brown act, if any of you also attend and want me to ask questions for you, you can allocate your speaking time to me.  Would prefer to have you speak for yourself, but I am not shy.

Richard now West County.

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I addressed the SMART BoD meeting today during their Public Comment period about their need to support freight (NWP) on the railroad.  There is a SIG group that I have found called Friends of SMART (hey Smart Fan) at :

More on that upcoming but if your really support the NWP please support this group.

This railroad is not a retro model or only a historical bookmark but a serious effort needing all of our support to push north.  I was SO IMPRESSED today when one of the BoD Directors from Cloverdale lead a chant with her fellow board member to sign out, "north to Cloverdale".


Yeah friends of smart was a huge part of pushing the original measure through. I’ve moved away from the area, but their involvement was to counteract the opposition back in 2008. I have no affliliation with them.


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