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According to KTVU news tonight the San Rafael City Council has voted to approve the extension of the RoW down to Larkspur.  If correct this is AWESOME news assuming that the federal funding approved by the Obama admin is still available.  There were some locals who objected to having to give up on land that they had assumed was no longer needed for a train.  Duh!!!

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I don't believe the San Rafael City Council has anything to say about how or when SMART builds through to Larkspur.

The one thing that I'd really like to see SMART do, but which would require coordination with the ferry terminal and a lot of money,  would be to build a combination parking garage and SMART transit terminal where the presently beyond-capacity parking lot stands now.  The SMART DMUs could run right over Sir Francis Drake and off-load on the second floor of the parking garage.  Nobody'd have to "hoof it" to the ferry from SMART.  The GG Ferry is going to have to build that parking garage sooner rather than later, as parking is extremely inadequate at this point.


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