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     This is something that I've been thinking about for a long time.  I do understand that the board of SMART has to finish building all of the original system first. The 70 mile line from Larkspur to Cloverdale. But after that what direction do we go. That will depend on local support. I do believe that someday SMART will serve Mill Valley, Tiburon and Sausalito. But before that happens a next extension south could be Corte Madera. I makes sense because SMART already owns the right of way across Corte Madera Creek right up to the Corte Madera shopping center.

  Remember we are talking 2026. That is the time line that SMART is running under. Yes the parking lot at Larkspur Station would have to relocated. There would have to be some type of grass roots organization, in Corte Madera, to take this on and really push for. If you can't tell by now I'm an optimist. Instead of trying to tear things down. I constantly look for ways to build friendships and organizations.

  And so it begins!

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With all due respect, I don't understand why you are submitting a discussion about SMART when this site is a NWP site. Can you explain? Should you not be finding a SMART site for this discussion?

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Actually, the NWP runs on the SMART RoW.  And SMART runs on the historic NWP RoW, so the two are tightly interwoven, as hundreds of messages, photographs, and videos on this site will attest.  In fact, all the connecting railroads and even many distant railroads are discussed here too.  I find the variety interesting and avoids any debates about what constitutes "pure NWP". 

Well, there's no way that any reactivation of the line south of the Larkspur Landing station would reuse the remnants of the old Dirty Harry trestle or the existing drawbridge.  Probably a good thing because the new pedestrian bridge blocks that former alignment almost perfectly.

But it would be possible to build a new railroad bridge west of the historic alignment and have the line curve back to the southern landing.  Not saying this would be a good idea fiscally, but from a civil point of view it would be possible.  The new RR crossing would be elevated over the north-western part of the pedestrian ramp, providing ample clearance.

Before actually looking at that areal view I assumed that SMART sealed the deal to cut-off Corte Madera with that pedestrian bridge.  But, it appears that a parallel structure could be constructed, ... at tremendous expense.

If the Cal Park Hill tunnel cost $30M to re-open, imagine the cost to build a new bridge across Corte Madera Creek?

 Does anyone know whether the original bascule bridge, over Corte Madera Creek, is worth saving. I know the approaches will have to be completely replaced. 

The rails are once again fully connected on the old NWP line down to Larkspur. I crossed over the connection in San Rafael today.
This is a big event because now while there is not yet active service north out of Windsor there is a continuous steel and heavily weeded connection north to at least Cloverdale and maybe Hopland.
Also I attended yesterday’s NCRA mtg in Healdsburg and learned that SB 356 (McGuire) is NOT YET law but sitting in the Calif Assembly waiting for amendments. A rep from the State government was in attendance and they heard public comment that SMART is neither prepared to take on the freight responsibility nor in a financial position to do so.
Long live the NWP.

Would love to see some photos!

Seeing SMART utilize the yard in Hopland would be interesting. My question: Is there enough room for SMART and their proposed ideas? I mean it would be great to take a train all the way up to Hopland, and then take a connecting bus to Ukiah for the day. I propose a SMART bus shuttle service that services Ukiah and the Hopland area.


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