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SMART Could Save $45M for 3 Mile Windsor Extension

Great article illustrates how government thinking balloons the cost of many projects.  SMART estimates the cost at about $18M per mile to build the 3.1 mile extension to Windsor.  A local civil engineer estimates the cost at about $2.5M per mile if certain design compromises (not affecting safety) are made.  FRA Class 3 instead of Class 4 track, for example.

Even (as the article points out) if this estimate is padded out to an even $10M, that's far less than the $55M SMART expects to spend of Taxpayer's money.

With these kinds of costs, how will SMART ever make it north over the Russian River?

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Very interesting article.  Hope they work it out soon.

Oh my and where is TT to counter my post re: Not So Smart?  This article goes to the heart of the RoW rebuild and service issue with the SMART? approach.  We here on this site all know that NWP locos have been using this track for several years although not with PTC.  Rebuilding the RoW to Windsor as a C3 line until they have the funding for the rebuild of the RR bridge into Healdsburg is a logical solution and will only bring SMART more ridership as well as support with local Sonoma county voters. 

So how do I spell Manchurian, as in candidate?


With due respect to Mark

Very informative comment Richard, I agree with your comment.

$55 M is a lot of money. At this rate, it will be 10 more years before this section is open again to rail traffic. Very Interesting article.


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