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SMART "Chewbacca car" numbering system questions?


I'm looking at the marvelous photography and video that has been posted here by NWP Networkers of the first of SMART's "Chewbacca car's" to be delivered. (I'm calling it the  "Chewbacca Train," same way as the "Skunk Train."  One sounds bad and one smells bad!)  Then I look at the photos of the PR event in Cotati the next day.  On Tuesday, it was displaying number 101.  On Wednesday, in Cotati, it was displaying number 102.  It looks like they were all pictures of the "front" end of the train.  (I don't think they have a turn-around at Fulton, and why would they need one?)

Does anybody know if they are numbering the two-car DMU lash-ups with separate numbers , one for each car, on what?  It would seem like they ought to number them and leave it, rather than changing the numbers around, no?

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101 was delivered pointing north, with 102 pointing to the south. They are a trainset together. 

Whoops, didn't see tommy's post. 

I was chatting with someone at the "unveiling" who was asking about the numbers. It looks as if the numbers on the ends could be changed, but they are permanent on the sides.


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