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SMART awarded AGAIN-$21 M from Calif State to extend to Windsor

Good news about this award.  BUT why does SMART require so much funding to extend an existing RoW to Windsor which NWP has used recently, for their trains?  Does that just mean that SMART will cut off all of the freight spurs as they extend their passenger rail line into Windsor with no allowance for NWP to service customers?


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Pleased to have an ally who understands the privacy dangers of these social media w-sites.  And yes has lost some members to those sites.  

I lived in Palo Alto where f'book started and worked in tech.  I also worked with venture capitalist co's and I know what they required f'book to sell in order to pay them back.  You can guess what they sell.

I side with Dave S. in thanking you for your efforts.  He has been one of the regulars who (so it appears) have not sold their privacy to those sites.


Richard & Group,

Important question for all!  WHO is the moderator on this forum?  I received a rather bizarre request in the comments section from someone who needed to get a hold of me "right away".  So, naturally I was suspicious and sent an e-mail asking him what he wanted.  He then sent me a very threatening e-mail.

Has this come up before?

If the moderator can determine who sent this request, that user code needs to be banned.


Fred M. Cain

Mark basically owns this site and it is only by his generosity that it continues to operate commercial free:

That being said, he doesn't have the time to monitor it constantly, and in those rare instances where there is a problem user he usually only finds out about it from other members.  He has a strategy for dealing with it and certain individuals have been suspended and banned.

That comment was posted by someone who joined the site more recently than you, so fairly recently:

Yes, you should contact Mark (click the link "Add as Friend" on Mark's profile page first).  When Mark accepts the friend request, you can then e-mail him through the site.  But I will e-mail Mark myself to speed up this process.

I'm sending you a friend request now.

Thanks Richard.  By the way, I am not on facebook and have no plans to join.  I felt left out for a while but then when there were some scandals revealed, I felt somewhat vindicated.


Fred M. Cain


You wrote that Mansourian says to paraphrase, that he and the board are "100% committed" to supporting and expanding freight service.

I've been exploring this issue (the effects on SMART of SB1029) and nowhere can I find this statement in writing.

Where did you see/hear it?




I'm attending the NCRA meeting tomorrow in Healdsburg and plan to speak in support of the NWP Co.

It would be very helpfull for me to understand where/when you heard the SMART GM Mr. Mansourian state that SMART is "100% committed" to freight.

I'm on record in the SMARD BoD minutes that taking on freight could be a major problem for SMART .  I'm aslo very concerned as a user of Hiway 101 here in Sonoma Cty, about the loss of freight rail and the resultant increase in heavy truck traffic.



Any update to your excellent April post?

I still though can't figure why it is so expensive to rebuild the line from the airport to Windsor where those 20 gondola's were parked.  There is only one station (Windsor) which would require the raised platform.


I'd expect the main expense, in addition to the new roadbed, concrete ties, and continuous welded rail, the big money will be installation of the automatic train control system and the "quiet zone" grade crossing signaling systems.

Could the grant include more rolling stock?


I was wondering, what exactly would have to be involved with extending SMART into Mendocino County?  There has been some talk about doing that.  What would be needed?  Would the citizens of Mendocino County have to approve some kind of a tax?


Fred M. Cain


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