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The accused is still on the loose.

Technically speaking, Skunk Train passengers, crew and Noyo River residents remain unsafe as long as the murder/robbery suspect remains uncaptured:

Well, it's over. Bassler was shot dead today by three Sacramento SWAT members at about noon. It's on KGO right now. Now things can return to normal, huh?



Zachary M. Toler

Fortunately the suspect was finally fatally shot by sheriffs and other police SWAT teams brought in from Sacramento near Northspur yesterday. The tragedy is now over.

Media got it wrong though.... the Norinco (Chinese) SKS is not deemed an Assault rifle by the Ca DOJ as it is not a pistol grip centerfire rifle with a detachable magazine rifle .


Thank you Sac county Sheriffs Dept. for revoking Basslers Birth Certificate.


I hope the Mendo county residents look at illegal pot growers in the light that they should have been viewed upon years ago. these guys including Bassler have mad it very dangerous to go hiking or hunting in the many forests in and around California.


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