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I’ve just realized that the Skunk Train doesn’t have it’s usual train to Northspur at all this year. I’m suspicious. Possibly more damage on the line? :(

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The tunnel east of Ft Bragg is in need of repair....I think

Sorry. Didn’t clarify. The train from willits to Northspur isn’t running this year.

I've heard the issue is related to deteriorating track conditions on the east end that now prohibit passenger trains on the line west of around the western base of Ridge Hill, reportedly the result of a FRA inspection.  The truncated service now runs an hour out of Willits, a brief stop to look at a large redwood tree, then an hour back.

Jeff Moore

Elko, NV

It's been a rough winter up here in the north with all of this rain so no doubt that MoW costs have been excessive.  Hopefully Mendo County will find a way to help them as they provide tourist $$$.

Don't forget they had a fire at Northspur.

Until major track work is done they won’t be going to Northspur anytime soon. As much as I love the Cal Western I fear that it’s days are slowly ticking away. Outwardly the equipment looks ok but if you take a look under the frame at the structural supports everything is one good bump from collapsing. I’m not trash talking when I say this but I used to work there so I know first hand how bad things are. If you want to see the redwoods by train I’d definitely recommend taking the Santa Cruz Big Trees & Pacific Beach Train. The Skunk was charging almost $100 a person to go from Willits to northspur when I left and if you take that same $100 and do the math, it’s $34 a head for the beach train and then you can stay at the boardwalk and for $40 you can get an unlimited rides wristband and have about 5 hours there. If your honest it costs $10 to park at the railroad and then that leaves you roughly $16 for some carnival type food for lunch. Sorry if that’s way off topic.

The scbg just ordered 2 new locos also


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