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Much has been published about the TPL truss rod logging flats. However, a close look at the Shuster aerial photos show numerous skeleton logging flats, both with and without truss rods, around the car repair shed within the balloon track. Can anyone shed any light as to which Lumber companies used these cars?

I have attached an aerial view of the ballon track that shows at least 10skeleton flats. This is Shuster file # 2001011901, accessable through

Thanks in advance! Richard Todd

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Hello to the Board

I understand that some log cars are being scrapped and wonder if these are the referenced cars?  Does anyone on the Board have details on these or other log cars in this respect?


Craig Brinkman

Craig, the photos I referenced that show the skeleton flats were taken from 1946-1955. THA has a number of TPL flats, both logging and mill, that are stored at Freshwater. The land owner wishes to sell the land, so a new storage facility must be found or all the material stored there may have to be scrapped. In addition, Roots of motive power in Willits has several TPL flats.

I know of no skeleton flats on the north coast now.

My continuing question is, who operated the skeleton flats seen in several Shuster photos? The book Steam in the Redwoods has 1 photo of skeleton flats on Northern Redwood track at the bottom of an incline but that is all I can find!

Richard Todd

The items that are stored, that have to be moved are at Fields Landing.


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