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I'd really like to learn a bit more about the Sherwood Branch, as lately a friend and I have been fixing fence along a stretch of old ties (no tracks) just outside where Sherwood once stood. While we were working we found an old steel plate that would rest on the tie, beneath the track, I'll post a picture soon and eventually a picture or two of the ties. Does anyone share a particular interest in that area?

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The NWPRRHS archives just acquired this recently from Shimmick Co. The builders plate for the Haystack bridge.

Assembled in place I imagine.

Here are a few photos of the Sherwood Branch. Will have to send in groups because of 5MB limit.

The branch extended from Willits 23.8 miles by NWP, then 4.2 miles further by the Northwestern Redwood Company Railroad.


2092 - Sawmill at Northwestern

2478 - Shay 251, used extensively on the branch

2494 - Woodpecker on the branch


I have a number of photos of the Sherwood Branch, but with a 5 MB limit I can send only one at a time on this site. Give me your e-mail address and I'll send them that way.

Fred Codoni, Editor, The Northwesterner and Headlight. 

Did some playing around on google maps and saw some ties from sherwood branch, pictures are different magnification to help orient.


If you look close on Google Earth there is a lot of spots you can see where the ROW was to the north and south.  There's another small patch of ties to the north of that spot you found Sean.   You can also follow the ROW to the south were it makes a loop in the trees and comes back out.

Not sure if this will work.

I'd never used the create your own map feature on google maps. Was super easy to do. I'll use this again in the future. Check it out.


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