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Share your news about the Golden Gate Railroad Museum's move to Schellville.

I'm not sure if it's really been discussed here much, but a quick review of local railroad related social media sites reveals that the Golden Gate Railroad Museum, late of temporary residence at Niles Canyon, has entered into an agreement with the NWP Co. to move their operations to Schellville. (See: ) That would be their twelve (12) locomotives and 25+ cars, including, an exSP "Black Widow" GP9, a couple of F7 "Covered Wagons," and, of course, their famous SP2472, the beautifully restored 1921 Baldwin 4-6-2 "Pacific," and its period passenger consist.  That much is, by all appearances, absolutely official and you can take it to the bank (unless GGRM is posting "fake news" on it's official website.)

This is supposed to happen in the near future (weeks to month and a half) depending on UP traffic scheduling and SP2472 is supposed to be arriving with a train in tow under her own power, which will be pretty darn impressive to see.

The equipment will be stored "at Schellville" in a secure compound built by GGRM.  This seems to be a "for sure."  Rumors (comments on FB, all of which I consider "rumors,") on the other hand, are that GGRM is looking for a site "somewhere between Schellville and Healdsburg" to build a permanent headquarters for rolling stock storage and maintenance shops.  Reportedly, at some point, excursion operations might be expected, but details have not been addressed as the immediate concern is moving the GGRM to Schellville because they must presently vacate the Niles Canyon Railway yard.  (They had attempted to work out an operating agreement with Santa Cruz to move to an unused stretch of track down there, but that was politically nixed by a coalition of NIMBY's and "bike path-ers." ...  Santa Cruz's loss and our gain!)

So, as Will Rogers said, "All I know is what I read in the papers and that's an alibi for my ignorance."  There's got to be members of this forum with a lot more detailed information on "developments as they occur."  Can I ask that anybody that knows anything, and particularly the date SP2472 will be making its way to Schellville under steam, share what they know here, or at least post links to any new information that pops up on other sites?

Needless to say, this going to be is a seriously BIG DEAL if and when it comes to pass.  As SP2472 would say, "Quiet zones?  Quiet zones?  I doan got to cho you no steen-king quiet zones!"

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Bob:  There was this status early in the year, and possibly others:

However, your message above is getting me excited!  I would imagine the routing from Niles would be:

Sunol, Pleasanton, Livermore, over the Altamont, Tracy, Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento, Davis, Vacaville, Fairfield, Cordelia, American Canyon (Lombard), over Brazos, along Ramal, then arriving in Schellville.  So many opportunities for great photos!  We just need to know when!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post updates on these equipment move plans!

It would seem shorter and less of a grade to run out the west end of the canyon to Niles, then switch over to the UP mainline there and proceed up to Oakland-Vallejo-American Canyon-Lombard.

Yes, that routing makes much more sense, but not through Vallejo.


Niles -> Fremont (run around the Mission Wye) -> Union City -> Hayward -> Oakland -> Richmond -> Martinez -> Cordelia -> American Canyon (Lombard) -> Brazos -> Ramal -> Schellville.

Yes of course Dave and appreciate the correction.  Now we just need to know when that will occur.  Is there an existing warehouse in Schellville where this valuable equipment can be stored?

WRT future sites, there is a spur into the industrial yard south of Healdsburg where that Daylight car is stored.  They do a lot of storage there but of course the line would have to be renovated thru Windsor first up to Syar.

Maybe the wood fabrication property in Windsor where the NWP used to transload?

Some previous discussions mentioned Healdsburg as a base but a long ways for the current members to travel for them. Something new would need to be built for a permanent home. Not sure there is enough room anywhere in The Santa Rosa/Healdsburg area to store all of the equipment.

Not to mention how they would be able to work out an operating agreement with SMART to run excursions. I might be totally wrong on that statement but anything running between San Rafael and Windsor at the present time would seem off limits. Once the line is completed to Cloverdale forget that too. Would seem Napa to Novato would be their option for the near future with the opertinity to pull the occasional Wine Train to St Helena

Operating Agreement would be established with NWP as excursions are under it's control along the SMART system.

There is no facility at Schellville to store the cars.  There is a lot adjacent to the rail yard for sale, where I assume they would put the stuff

To paraphrase Will Rogers, "All I know is what I read on Facebook."  Check out Steve Coon's post here:  He's the one who announced the move and said it was to Schellville.  That's as much as I know.  At the moment, NWP Co. is storing some 80 gas tanker cars at their Schellville yard, so there's some facility at Schellville to store something.  I guess we'll just have to see what they do with them.

What I mean to say, is someone asked if there was covered storage at Schellville, which there is not.  As for track space, there is certainly track space available somewhere in the facility.  I hope they do move to Schellville.  Would be great for everyone.

I'm not sure that there was indoor storage at Niles, either.  They used to tie blue tarps over some of their stock at times.

It was Abe Lincoln that said that, not Will Rogers.

Maybe they both did.  However, Abe Lincoln is more famous for saying, "Don't believe everything you read on the internet."


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