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Last night around seven, I saw a flatbed semi parked by Shamrock on Redwood Boulevard in Novato carrying two old-looking sets of trucks last night.  Looks like they were destined to be put underneath a railcar of some sort around here. (Maybe the P&SR RR restoration guys in Petaluma?)  Does anybody know where they were from and where they were going?  Sort of an odd cargo for around here.

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Tulani?  These old private cars periodically have their trucks renewed.

Shows your thinkin', but I believe Tolani left town weeks ago, just ahead of SMART's ripping out the switch for the spur to the Dairymen's Milling siding in Novato.  Somebody posted some information on where she was going and about her being "tagged" in a yard over in the East Bay a few weeks ago.  I can't imagine there's anything in Novato that would be connected with those trucks.  Oddly, though, the truck was parked where a lot of semi's spend the night (no truck stops between Petaluma and the City).  If Petaluma was his destination, why wouldn't he keep driving another fifteen minutes up the road? 

As your wrote: "about her being "tagged" in a yard over in the East Bay a few weeks ago".  This is the Oakland rail yard where many of these private cars are now stored but at risk.  My friend with the Virginia City car had to pull his car out of Redwood City, took it to Oakland where it was damaged and has now taken it up to the Sierras.

So Tolani may be back because Oakland is a nightmare for railcars. 

Oakland is a nightmare ....period


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