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Scrap thief punches NWPRR official Sheriff Report

A Santa Rosa man who apparently helped himself to some scrap metal that didn't belong to him, ended up in jail after deputies deduced he was headed to Vallejo and found him on Highway 37.

At about 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, March 20, the president and vice president of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad pulled into the rail yard on Eighth Street East and Fremont Drive ( Schellville Depot area)  and found that the suspect had loaded up his pickup truck with scrap metal that belonged to the railroad and was trying to leave. The suspect refused to stop, but one of the men hopped into the back of the truck. About a half-mile down the road the suspect stopped his vehicle, got out and punched the railroad official in the face, which convinced the official to abandon the truck and its stolen cargo. The suspect then drove away.

Deputies responding to the robbery decided the man might be headed to Vallejo to sell his ill-gotten scrap. That assumption proved correct when they found the man eastbound on Highway 37.

Timothy Long, 49, of Santa Rosa, was arrested and charged with robbery, grand theft and possession of stolen property. Instead of going to Vallejo, Long received a chauffeured ride to the Sonoma County Jail.

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Interesting story, Bob. I couldn't find any mention of this incident in my usual news sources and aggregators. Did you see this in a local police blotter or the like? Thanks for sharing!

Mark D.
Hi Mark
It was posted in the "Sheriffs Report" on the Sonoma Index Tribune's website last week. All I did was a "Cut & Paste" of the article. I just checked and it's no longer there. I was just at that yard( if it's the Schellvile Depot) last Dec and didn't really see anything worth stealing. There were some old railroad trucks and wheels as well as some tossed out junk but nothing I would have wasted time on. The grass was pretty tall so I don't know what was hiding there. I just took a couple of pictures of the Depot and my cousins old place across the tracks and left. There are a couple of old junker locomotives south of the HWY 12 crossing but I didn't go down there.


Bob B.


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