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I have just joined this network as I have become fascinated by the NWP, especially in Sonoma and Marin counties. I chanced upon Shellville during our vacation in June, driving into Sonoma before heading to the Napa Valley.  I am considering building some modules in HO based on Schellville and have two questions about the track plan there:

1) Why does the main track have a dog leg at both ends of the three track yard - is it that way to accommodate the dirt road on the Eastern side of the tracks or was there a fourth track that was torn up some years ago? and

2) There is a photo in the Arcadia Publishing book on page 75 showing an SP 3600 class loco sitting on what appears to be a track that is no longer there, on the inside of the curving spur track across the highway to the lumber yard in the shade of the trees.  Did that track also go across the highway as there appears to be a caboose coupled to the loco so it is a bit longer than shown in the photo or did it stop short of the highway, designed only for a loco and caboose?

I have the two Pentrex DVDs "The California Northern" and "Today's Northwestern Pacific" for inspiration too.

I have two very good friends over in San Rafael we visited and who also inspired me to find out more.

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Hello Mike,

You may wish to take a look at the collection of NWP SPINS (Southern Pacific Industrial Numbering System) on this network, found here:

There are at least two documents in that album covering the Schellville Branch.  They may not answer your specific questions but they provide some insight into the purpose of the associated tracks.  Regards,

Mark D.


Brilliant - oh yes I think it answers my questions. Those track diagrams make the prospect of modelling Schellville even more attractive - three yard tracks plus a main and a double track approach to it from the North, and a run round off across 8th Street and into what is now a field.

Many thanks.


Hi, I doubt that this will answer your question but it does give a rather large overview. It is from a 1902 USGS quad

1902 is a fair bit before my period of interest but many thanks for the post.  It in turns begs more questions as it seems this pre-dates the yard south of the highway grade crossing.

Thank you



Mike,  not to mention you get the added feature of doing the wye on your module.  Make sure we get some pictures as you build it.

I've added a picture of the map list from the NWPRRHS.

We have a few versions of Schellville to choose from

You can come and see these at the Archive in Petaluma.

The next open day is Saturday Jan 3 2015.

Or you can order copies and they will be mailed to you.


PO Box 667

Santa Rosa CA 95402-0667



Just was surprised that the Sonoma line was so far east of Train Town.  Appears to go straight to the old Sebastiani winery which seems correct.

Yep, the line  parallels 8th street to Buena Vista crosses East Napa then goes behind the Catholic Cemetery through Sebastiani's to the Depot there is crossed First Street West originally going up to the resort towns, but when the SP closed that line there was just a short length of track west of First Street West where they tied up the Locomotives for minor maintenance and refueling.


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