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An article in the Ukiah Daily Journal.  Personally, I think this is a terrible idea as it now stands even though I am an avid cyclist.

Any thoughts on this?


Fred M. Cain

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It will cost $1billion to make it into a trail  :) 


Oh, so you think the trail might cost as much as one billion?  Mike at TRAC thought the railroad could be rebuilt for one billion.  So, I'm tempted to ask a hypothetical question here.  WHAT would be the best use of taxpayers money?  A bike trail or a railroad?

I can see that the trail would bring in some recreational-related money to the Humboldt Bay area.  Not sure how much.  Let's face it, that'd be a LOOONG bike ride!  What would happen if someone got into trouble back in there in the Eel River Canyon.  Is there cell phone service back in there?  I'd doubt it.  So, we'll need cell phone towers, too.  That will surely boost the cost of the trail AND please the "Friends of the Eel River" at the same time!  :)

A railroad would possibly lure shipping, industry and related jobs. Plus, it could still bring in recreation related commerce through a possible S.F. Bay- Eureka tourist train.  Bikes on the train?  Why not?

I dunno.  The residents of Del Norte and Humboldt Counties will have to decide I guess.


Fred M. Cain


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