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Santa Fe Passenger Car? northbound on 4/24/14

I apologize if this is old news. I haven't logged into this site in over a year. Good to see lots of activity. It's 7:52pm and I can hear the horns in downtown SR from my kitchen table. Awesome.

I was driving home today northbound on 101 at 4pm in slow traffic at the Novato narrows when I looked to my left and saw the red bandit heading north with 3 grain cars, a short gondola and then a silver SANTA FE passenger car that was named "Tolani." It then had some tie cars and more grain hoppers.

So what is the story with this passenger car? Is it being delivered to someone or used as a caboose/office or something? Is this old news? I just thought it was odd.

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I don't know the whole story, but Tolani has been shuffled around a couple times in the last year - it's been at Dairyman's Feed in Petaluma and also somewhere in Novato. (Not sure where, but my money's on the old feed mill.) Perhaps SMART is removing the switch to the spur that held it?

Is Tolani one of the aaprco cars (American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners)?

That would be a good sign as those cars are FRA compliant.

You're correct. It has been stored in the old feed mill in Novato off of Redwood Ave. I've seen it tucked in there before

I inquire because I have some friends with AAPRCO cars that are interested in being pulled up to at least Healdsburg on private excursions by NWP.  But as we all know it will take some further RoW work to get to Healdsburg. 

What is needed other that what has been posted on the NCRA site?

It's privately owned. Used on different excursion trains. Being taken somewhere to be safely stored till next excursion.

It is owned by  Mid America Railcar Leasing headquartered in the midwest.  It is listed here:

It was a part of the special excursion trip for Santa Fe 3751 return to the Grand Canyon and can be seen rolling with that excursion here:

It may have previously been stored in Oakland where a lot of the private cars are kept and now with the NWP rolling again, being kept somewhere on the line.  I'd be curious to know where.

Last place I saw it in storage was in the old feed mill in Novato, off of Redwood Ave. I doubt they're going to put it there though since MoW equipment is fouling the spur. I'm guessing they'll either keep it in Schellville, hold it in Windsor, or hand it off to the CFNR. Not sure what they're gonna do, but I really hope they send it back south on the local again.

why would it be in storage at, of all places, an old feed mill? Doesn't this company have better storage options? What an interesting situation.  

i do not think the city of novato would be to happy


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