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I learned via an NWP-related Facebook page that longtime NWPRRHS supporter Steve Atnip passed away on January 8th, 2019, after a relatively brief battle with cancer.  I never met Steve but he and I got to know one another online through railroading and other interests and I sincerely regret not having visited him at the many NWPRRHS events which I could have attended, living nearby in the Bay Area as I do.  Steve was also an early member of this network and offered numerous helpful suggestions as I was building the site.  My sincerest condolences to Steve's family and to the entire NWP community -- may his memory live on through the NWPRRHS and all those who knew and loved him!

Mark D.

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I fully support!!! your note of condolences to his family.  Steve was so on top of activities on the new NWP activities everytime I made a post.  I had no idea that he was a fellow Bay area resident.

We will miss you Steve as the train moves north to Healdsburg.


Thank you Mark for recognizing the large role that Steve Atnip played in honoring and cataloging NWPRR history, especially with the NWPRR Historical Society.
I knew Steve for only a very short time, but he was great guy, and one of the best punsters around. His memory will live on.

I'm so sad to hear the news! Steve was the one that introduce me to this site years ago. I would occasionally run into him while chasing the NWP in it's early days and I briefly volunteered with him at the P&SR museum in Petaluma. As someone who recently lost someone to cancer, I take this quite personally.

My condolences,


In the past Steve was a great contributor to this site, posting photos, videos, and by contributing to and starting many discussions.  Although I feel he removed some of his content (see empty photo albums), there still remains much to appreciate. 

I will be thinking about Steve when perusing his two profiles:

Condolences to all.

 I am very sorry to hear of Steve Atnip's passing. My condolences to his family. Steve was a great photographer and friend of the railroad. He was generous with his video's and photo's and knew the difference between working for the railroad and admiring the operations. This was done  without getting in the way or trying to become an employee.

There also was a nice obit in Saturday's PD. 


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