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Requesting permission to use photos/videos in my NWP google map

I would greatly appreciate knowing which users here would let me use your photos/videos as "Points of Interest" on my NWP google map.


The map is located here: NWP Google Map


If you are willing to let me use your photos/videos, please simply respond to this discusstion.


Thank you,


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sure you can use my pictures, but I request that you credit me with the pictures

Hi Mike,

I just posted one of your photos on the map for Penngrove.



Al, you can use my photos. Just credit me as the photographer. Mine are mostly from the north end, and since your map covers current opperations, they probably aren't of interest to you (yet), however, if I get down south and take some (or the NWP comes north, whichever comes first) yes, you can use them.


Zachary M. Toler

correction, credit me with my photos

Give credit where credit's due.


Zachary M. Toler

You may use any of the photos I have posted, Al.  I don't own the copyright for many of the historic images but there should be no problem using them with your map -- many may be in the public domain, in any case.  Regards,


Mark D.

I guess I should add that it would also be nice to be notified if you do use my photos, but not necessary...


Zachary M. Toler

Al, You can use my photos/videos in your map.  Credit me as the photographer.  Your map is great.  It will be an informative way to watch the NWP come back to life.

Hi B Richards,

I just posted one of your photos on the map for Hunt & Behrens.




Al, you have my permission to use my photos in your map (with credit).

Hi Ron,

I just posted one of your photos on the map for the Petaluma Swing Bridge.




    Please feel free to use any photos I've posted with credit to me as photographer of course and notification of their use.  Three NWP Steam Extra photos at Sears Point (Tolay Creek drawbridge in backround), NWP Extra at Batto-Vineberg, and NWP Extra at Sonoma, the P&SR Steeple Cabs at Petaluma and Santa Rosa. Those must be credited to Robert Searle. Great map project!


Bob B.


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