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If any of you can read this, during the agenda item at the meeting meeting Doug Bosch announced with the sad passing of John Williams Doug Bosch has been elected to the post of NWP Co. President and John’s wife has taken the position of Chair.

He also stated that NWP CO. Is profitable and is not for sale and has purchased (not leased) a new gender which is the UP loco we have seen posted here. I had spoken out during the “Public Comment” period that there was an “elephant in the room” i.e. not on the agenda, and that was the section of SB1029 that provides $4M to SMART for their acquisition of the NWP assets to take over freight service on the SMART owned section of the NCRA RoW.  I stated that any transfer of freight rail service to SMART would only force existing NWP customers to transfer loads to trucks and further overtax the Sonoma and Marin County with heavily and overloaded trucks.

If you agree with my position then please come to the SMART board meeting next Wednesday 2/20 in Petaluma and stand up and support my position that SMART should advise the State that they have no interest in taking on freight service on the rail line.

This is life or death for our new NWP.


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I have worked on Artificial Intelligence and you are seeing the results of that effort which I abandoned.  I wrote that  Bosco reported that the NWP has purchased a “Genset”. Which will meet the requirements of Novato and Apple wrongly corrected that to gender.  

So much for Fake News.


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