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Noticed this morning (1/16/15) that the train leaving south bound out of Petaluma had 22 car's and 2 engines. Is that a to-date record? Almost looked like a real train!

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No that's not really record the rail train was 30 something cars I believe

That's as big as I've heard of on the "new" NWP Co.  except for the "rail train," but I don't count that because it wasn't a revenue consist.

I saw the long string on the Parks siding this morning around 11:00 AM while driving down the freeway, but I couldn't count them without getting in an accident!  Maybe they the empties stacked up waiting for clearance on the line during the SMART construction somewhere?

I typically don't count cars but it was out of the norm and I was out running without anything else to look at!


You wrote: "I don't count that because it wasn't a revenue consist."

Are you sure about that comment?  I was told by a SMART PR flack last Fall that SMART was NWP's biggest customer.  Since the RoW is owned by SMART they have to pay all costs of improvement including hauling of materials.  Not NWP's cost burden. 

Well, you're right!  I guess it would technically be a revenue consist, then.  I just wasn't counting irregular traffic connected with SMART.  These were cars that brought feed to the mills, regular customers of NWP Co.

I counted 28 cars just as SMART construction got underway about a year ago.

I dont count the rail train. You will never see it again.

Does that indicate that you don't expect the NWP renovation to move north of Windsor?  Are satisfied with that?


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