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Rains expose possible flooding issue along SMART tracks (KGO)

Rains expose possible flooding issue along SMART tracks
by Wayne Freedman
December 29, 2014

PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) --

> Recent rain has knocked plans for a major railroad project in the
> North Bay off-track.
> All that water actually washed away some of the SMART-train track
> beds in Marin and Sonoma counties and this could point to potential
> problems down the line.
> When put in the context of a 70-mile railroad that hasn't begun
> service, a waterlogged section track near Petaluma at Ely Road hardly
> represents an end of the world. But a photo of the very same spot on
> Dec. 11 shows the tracks hidden beneath feet of water.
> Chris Muelrath snapped the photo of the tracks underwater on Dec. 11...
> ...SMART rail engineer Gregg Jennings inspected the damage Monday.
> "It's low and it backs up," Jennings said.
> The track runs through a flood plane and officials knew about it in
> advance...

Link to full story with Chris Muelrath's photo:

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Brings up some interesting thoughts. 1) If SMART had never touched it, would it STILL have washed out?  2) Have I missed the outrage coverage over 101 flooding in Sausalito which backed up traffic for hours. Obviously poor design! 

That fresh ballast just loves to move with that much water hitting it.  I doubt that anything would have happened to roadbed if it hadn't been upgraded.  Just like at Miller Creek,  if that hadn't been regraded and prepped for new ballast and track I doubt it would have washed out.  I'm not an engineer but just my thoughts.

Bingo... its the same principle as why old cars do better, I think the NWP would have had minimal damage from the flooding. GRAVEL loves to move.... Gravel when used properly, is used for drainage. 

No doubt about it.....SMART will have to deal with flooding issues during Winters fury.  A secure and safe SMART must be established in order to attract riders.  Problem areas need to be corrected now, and not after the fact, when SMART does begin operation.  Will SMART truly be Smart ?????

SMART can't deny they were warned right here @ of the foolishness of removing the RoW grade that handled real trains for decades. see "my page", 19 nov 2014.

if it ain't broke, don't fix it


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