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Railroad crossing Sonoma Creek bridge (looking for pictures) Schellville

Hello all,

I am looking for photographs of a bridge that once crossed Sonoma creek down in schellville. The tracks ran across Broadway and over the creek. Up from 121. The railroad Track turned left at schellville depot and the went towards the creek. My parents own the property where the bridge was. All that is left is a cement slab and a few posts in the water on broadway there is still some ties in the ground and The opposite side has the remaing railroad ties left. I will even buy the pictures. It would be wonderful to show my dad a picture of the bridge or area. Where should I look? Contacts? You can also email me at

Here is a topo map of the tracks, click on link


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Hello fellows.  Jon Heit here, still around since 2012.  I was reading the posts again and I pulled out my 1936 map.  If it's of any help, on the west side of Sonoma Creek, going towards Santa Rosa, the stops on the SP were Agua Caliente, then Sobre Vista then crossed to the east side of the creek to Eldridge then Glen Ellen.  Thus the crossing of the creek back to the east side. On the NWP side (the east side), Sonoma, Verano, Fetter Springs and terminates at Eldridge.  This fits with personal on the ground experience on bicycle on my part.  All the Railroad Streets, or Avenues or Roads are on the west side of the Creek.  There are no structures left.  Any SP station to the east side of the creek would have to be Eldridge or beyond Glen Ellen, but SP by 1936 had abandoned the line the rest of the way to Santa Rosa.  As you probably know, Glen Ellen has that beautiful, I think 1912 (probably built same time as Santa Rosa's) Depot that was set up for SP on the west side and NWP on the east.  But NWP never make it that far up valley---since they already had connection to Santa Rosa along today's 101, the had little incentive.  SP no longer needed the rest of that line after the 1930s since they took over NWP.  There is still the NWP depot in I believe Verano right off 12 at the entrance to the Sonoma Mission Inn.  That's on the east side of the creek, but is NWP not SP originally.  If you'd like to see the 1936 map when you are in the area, I am at my business location, 1067 Horizon Dr in Fairfield CA, 94533, 707-428-5300 Weekdays until 6pm and Saturdays until 3pm.

Jon Heit

Boy, egg on my face.   That depot was in Kenwood, not Glen Ellen. 

I think the building that was the Depot at the entrance to Sonoma Mission Inn is Boyes Hot Springs a bit farther north than El Verano.



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