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Railroad crossing Sonoma Creek bridge (looking for pictures) Schellville

Hello all,

I am looking for photographs of a bridge that once crossed Sonoma creek down in schellville. The tracks ran across Broadway and over the creek. Up from 121. The railroad Track turned left at schellville depot and the went towards the creek. My parents own the property where the bridge was. All that is left is a cement slab and a few posts in the water on broadway there is still some ties in the ground and The opposite side has the remaing railroad ties left. I will even buy the pictures. It would be wonderful to show my dad a picture of the bridge or area. Where should I look? Contacts? You can also email me at

Here is a topo map of the tracks, click on link


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This was part of the SP branch into Santa Rosa, here is a google earth screen shot.

That's it. So it was the south pacific railroad. It's a start.....


Yes we've had some recent discussions of that branch---a few months ago there was a thread about the crossing that still there on East 8th and how the old SP line went west across the street to the west, eventually to cross the Sonoma Creek/River on your family land and then up to SR.  I like that topo map.  Where did you find that one?  I'd like to explore more of the area nearby on similar topo maps.  Do you have an address where I could go and look for more maps like that?  I have original, old maps----I think I have 1890, 1912, 1935 and 1950 Atlas page maps that originally showed the RRs and then later the old hiway systems (the 1935 and 1950). But the have at least the entire Bay Area in scope, so they are not that detailed.

Jon Heit

Jon, It is a Topo map App i use to find stuff on my ipad using the gps. Its called Topo Maps. My family also used to own Camp 2 that ran both sides of Wingo along with Millerick Road. Ive seen the Wingo bridge open alot when i was younger. I attached some pictures of what remains of the railroad on our Property along with a shot of 8th street. Any places i could look to find drawings or pictures of this bridge??? can you attach the link to the discussion you talked about also....



I started to type and seem to have lost the text.  Anyway, I figure you know better when they abandoned that part of the line----it was redundant once they owned the NWP on the east side of the valley anyway.  If they abandoned it at the same time as the Wingo-Ramal branch, that would have been April 1933.

Great photos of what's left too.  Sure would like to help you with your quest.

Jon Heit


    I'd be interested in seeing the 1935 map info for Schellville and the Millerick Rd area. I'm not sure when the highway was realigned but it used to cross a little farther south than it does now. I'm trying to "visualize" where my grandparents place, Neuman's Auto Camp, was one Millerick Rd in relation to the Hwy. I know where the cabins were/are on millerick Rd, but not the rest of the complex.


Bob B.


       You could try contacting Diane Moll at the Sonoma Depot Museum, she told me they have quite a bit of railroad info. Google it for contact info, I don't have it right now. Do you still live in Sonoma? Would your father remember Neuman's Auto Camp south of the Shellvile Firehouse on Millerick Rd. Do you remember the blacksmith in Schellville across the tracks from the Depot? Seems we used to go fishing at Camp 2, is that Turkey Point or is that another place on the sloughs? My Dad worked for the Sonoma Land Company 1935-1940, and Uncle and cousin about the same time.


Bob B.


Bob, Yes i live in Sonoma. Jim Millerick was my Grandpa. My grandpa's Uncle Jack ran the Millerick Brothers Rodeo. After my grandpa came back from the War he ran the Rodeo until the 50's. Then went back into the Airforce and flew B-52's for SAC until a heart attack ended his Military career. My Grandpa owned the property on Millerick Road from the cattle guard to camp 2 and the field across from the pump house. My grandpa's Sister married and Larson and the winery and vineyard sits where the Rodeo grounds were. The house my Grandpa grew up in is now a bed and breakfast for Larson Family Winery. My Grandpa use to tell me about Yo's, Neumans and the Blacksmth shop. Along with all kinds of stuff in Sonoma. He told me when i was younger that he never saw the bridge over sonoma creek. Was already gone.  They took out the track hill to the bridge from broadway in the late 60's to plant a vineyard. The ground was always rocky when farming that area. I actually Know Diane. She went to school with my Mom. Diane is fighting bad Cancer. My dad and Gary Kiser owned Camp 2 until 1999 when we sold it the Fish and Game. We even owned the 80 acre piece across the tracks on the wingo side. The Ramal-Wingo rail line came through that area where the turn table bridge is in schell slough. Every Thanksgiving my dad, grandpa and I would drive down to Wingo and have a drink with Alice who was the only permanent resident of Wingo. Still cooked on a wood stove. The ranch had a hobo living on it from the days when workers rode the trains to find work. We called Him shorty (Vince Buller). He past away mid 90'S. He actually came into the ranch from the Schellville Depot. I'm a younger generation but still have seen a lot and know alot in the schellville area. I really want to find a picture of the damn bridge!!!! ;-)


     We're gonna have to get together to compare notes! I went to school with Dianes brothers and cousin Mark Lobsinger. Also went to school with Mike Kiser, Gary's cousin I believe. Was Pete Kiser Garys dad, I don't remember. Pete was agreat guy, I remember him driving into town in his Horseless Carriage with his duter and goggles on!  I've traded emails with Becky Larson and sent her some photos of Neuman's Auto Camp and a couple related to the Circle M. She was trying to setup a get together for me  of Schellville people that remembered my grandparents Anton and Emma Neuman and possibly my mother Rosa Neuman. We were going to stay at your Grandpa's house, but the winter of 2010 was too wet for us to get there. I'd still like to do that as I know time marches on. I think one is of a race horse that was owned by the Millericks. The blacksmith was Anotn Werner, nephew of Anton Neuman, my grandfather. If you PM me with an email address I'll email you the Schellvile photos I have so you can show them to your dad. Does the name Richard Jansen sound familiar? He was an old ships carpenter that carved duck decoys. He lived on the Sonoma Creek just above Hwy 37. Apparently he spent alot of time at Neuman's, as my grandfather also was a squarerigger sailor before he went into steam and then retired to Schellville to build Neuman's. Another name I remember from my time growing up with my grandparents after my mother died is Frank Marshall. I think I was told he was a rodeo promoter or something like that. Adolf Schrempp from Burndale Road? Do you know who is living in the Auto Camp cabins or who owns the property? I'd like to be able to sometime walk around the area and try to figure out where things were. There used to be a large grove of trees across 8th St, west of the Depot which was quite the "hobo jungle" for many years, those trees are gone now. I'd like to go down to Wingo someday to see the bridge. When we used to go fishing with my Grandfather we would go down the west bank of Sonoma Creek to where the boat was chained up. Then we'd head down the sloughs and go under a trestle or bridge, I don't remember a lift bridge, I DO remember we had to be back before the tide came in and once everybody was in the bottom of the boat to clear the trestle.



Bob Burns

Bob, email me the photos at I will show the names to my dad and grandmother. My grandma grew up on the west side of Sonoma creek. Green acre ranch. Right over the 121 bridge from Millerick road. I'm sure she knew everyone you mentioned. I will get back to you through email. Can't wait for the pictures.

Patrick, Check yer email in a bit.


Bob B.


Checking to see if you are still out there!

We'll be in Schellville Apr29 to May 2nd!

Get in touch with me at my email!

Patriciai Cullinan sent me a plot map from the 1920'a that shows a SPRR Depot East of Hwy 12!

Bob burns


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