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Does anybody know anything about the 4 passenger cars and 1 fruit express boxcar fenced off in the Santa Rosa Yard? The employees inside the depot said they didnt know much except that they were being privetly (please excuse my lack of spelling skill) restored by a gentelman named West Vale? Im not sure how its spelled, I wrote it as it sounds. Thats all they knew, so i thought i'd ask if anyone on the network knew anything about them. Worth a shot.


On a sorta different note, what happened to the old flat car, if anyone knows, that use to site just a few hundred feet down from the passenger cars? I noticed it was gone about a year ago, i dont know if it fell apart or was bought.






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Yow! They loaded 2 of the cars up this AM. The wooden reefer and one passenger car. They are spending the night in Willits tonight and will be delivered to Samoa tomorrow. They will be loading the next round early next week. Be on the look out!!!!
Saw the article in the PD. I'll be sad to to see them go, but like Mr. Allen said, im happy they'll be put to good use.


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