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I know this technically isn't a discussion, but it's too long for a regular status update. I just found this video, and now I want to do this on the NWP

Although, all the washouts and vegetation overgrowth raises the question- where could you actually do this for a good long distance before running into a problem?

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Also- does anyone have any idea where I would even get the rail wheels for the bicycle? Lol

Not specifically what you are looking for but this may be of interest:


What about the rails south of Willits to just before Ridge? How badly damaged are the tracks there? From what I've seen from the old 101, it doesn't look too badly overgrown. As far as I know the bad section is Ridge.


I've been attending the NCRA board meetings when they hold them in Healdsburg.  The board is quite clear that they don't want people trespassing on their RoW.  Big issue is liability potential.

I have not seen anyone using the out of service section of the road owned together with SMART down here either.

I think this may not be on option.

Richard in Sonoma Cty

There are several railbike operations that run commercial rides over out of service or otherwise lightly used rail lines.  In addition to the Skunk Train service already mentioned I can also think of the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad in Wheeler, Oregon, and on the Wallowa-Union Railroad in either Enterprise or Joseph, Oregon.  Most of these are commercial third party operations who work with the full blessings and permission of the railroad and the underlying owner.  One of those would probably be the way to go, though I'd sure want to find a flatter stretch of the line than from Willits up to Ridge.  

Jeff Moore

Elko, NV


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