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Well the issue has not gone away.  Tomorrow, the Humboldt Co. Board of Sups are hearing a proposal from NCRA's own Clif Clendenon to ask for a plan to rip out the rails along the 101 corridor.  This will be the end of any future rail service in the north.  The end of any hopes for an excursion train for THA.  While this is only a first step, its a big one.  You can read the article in today's Times-Standard. Also, on the Humboldt Trails Council FB page, railfans are blamed for "hindering sustainable development" around  Humboldt Bay.

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Links, please!

Here is the  LINK

I know from my research that rail banking makes it extremely hard to rebuild the railroad. They make it sound like it would be easy to rebuild and could be done in a short amount of time. I can garuntee that there will be lawsuits from people who fal "in love" with the trail as well as most likely the cities around the right of way.
Right now it is way to far into the future to see the NWP back up to Eureka. However, if they can get their game on with the tourist train that could be the only thing that saves the line up there.

This area is north of Eureka. They would like to rip out the rails between Eureka and Arcata to the North. So, Eureka South could still be an option someday(or the east west route). The tracks will remain out on the other side of the bay...for excursions. But, I think removing these rails would have a snowball effect and be the the start of the nails slowly banging into the coffin. Cliff will be gone in 6 months...this is his gift to the North Coast??? Sad.

The thing is, why is it not acceptable to build a trail next to the rails*? Every "railfan" the Humboldt trail-nazis want to blame for standing in their way would be much more inclined to support a trail next to the ROW I'm betting, but they seem to have this "all our way or nothing" mental block in their collective heads*, and that's why I personally continue to oppose them and call them names.

Having the THA tourist train would be a boon to our stagnant local economy. We have so little in the way of industry, as everyone keeps saying, so why not take advantage of what we do have-biggest trees in the world, rugged coastline, and many parklands-why Humboldt isn't a tourist Mecca is entirely our own fault! I can remember clearly how impressed I was as a child at the natural beauty of this place, and I've always been here. Tourists could feel the same, but they get to Fortuna/Eureka/Arcata, and what's the first thing they see? More than likely, a pan handler asking them for money and acting like they want to fight with you if you ignore them (yes, this happened to me a couple days ago in Fortuna, of all places! God forbid I even go down town in MY HOMETOWN without being harassed!) Every time somebody wants to do something good to improve our economy, enough folks raise a big stink over little or nothing at all, and they delay whatever it was until it's no longer viable to do*.

*Insanity, noun-1. Doing the same thing over and over and not understanding why the results never change. 2. Extreme foolishness, or an act that demonstrates such foolishness. 3. Incompetence or irresponsibility that results from a psychiatric disorder...any of these sound like Humboldt?


Zachary M. Toler

What did you expect from Clif, Thad? He isn't really a rail advocate and never was, he's a politician! A politician who lost the election, and has nothing to lose now-he's already lost his seat as a sup. for Humboldt County, so it doesn't matter that he show his true colors as far as rail goes! All I have to do is look back to this year's THA dinner-Estelle was there (as was Rex Bohn), very prominatly showing her support of THA, shaking mine and my father's hands and earning our votes. Clif was nowhere to be seen, and I think that was all very telling, hind sight being what it is.


Zachary M. Toler


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