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Interesting article.

It mentions "Windsor, in particular, has been planning for this for years, having built its train station in 2007..."  I wonder if they really meant Cloverdale.  Discussion?

The article also states "SMART runs on existing freight track...".  Actually, it would have been more accurate to state that more than $700M of public funds were used to completely rebuild an existing freight railroad.

Weekend ridership numbers exceed expectations. 

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Great news all around, I'm delighted.  I love the snack/beverage service onboard. 

I'm also happy to see this idea mentioned in the news for the second time in recent memory:

" the state issued a statewide rail plan and we’re in it — not only for our original corridor, but they want us to go east to meet the Capitol Corridor at Suisun City.”

Many thanks for posting the article Dave. :-)

Wishing all a very merry Christmas and the best of the season!


Both the city of Windsor and Cloverdale built very nice depots for the train which has not yet come to either city.  

Yes I agree the Fudge should have commented on how important this railroad is to getting trucks off of 101 when she commented about the fire.

So sad

Windsor has a train station. Has been there for a while. Cloverdale on the ohter hand has an intermodal transit terminal which has been there since well before the NWP was shutdown for good. We are speaking of the 1990's when Cloverdale was built.


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