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Today there were workers at the crossing at renaissance RD in black point. and the bases for the crossing gates have been dropped off at most of the crossings in NOvato, i guess this is part of NOvato's quiet zone. here are the pics i took

rush creek PL

olive ave.

renaissance RDgrand view ave.

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Very interesting!   I find any and all railroad construction and upgrades exciting.


Of the crossings mentioned, why Renaissance road?  That's not on the SMART route.  Yes, I know that crossing is in Novato, but what's the rationale?

Several ideas here. 

While it may not be on the regular commuter train route, it is owned by SMART.

Part of the agreement with Novato might of been all quiet zones within city limits.

yes, this is all part on NOvatos quiet zone. see here

 I think quiet zones should be illegal. I don't see how they could ever prove safe.

I think they are kinda cool, plus they help with public relations. If a railroad doesn't have have to blow the horn near a resedential area, the railroad gains popularity with the residents.

I was also planning to have a quiet zone on my model railroad.


Mike Davis

I for one love the sound of a nathan P-3 off in the distance

can you send me a link to a youtube video with a P-3

Here you go.......

OMG, that video is so awesome!  LMFAO!


Mike Davis:  I'm with you, too many idiots out there blocking bike paths without a care in the world, except themselves.

Mike:  I've found the solution!


Rail fans:  You got to watch and listen to the video at the above page!


I need one of those for my bicycle, you know ofr the idiots who listen to there Ipods on full blast while I'm comeing up behind them, or the groups who hog the entire path. God both kinds of people irritate me, I come up behind them and yell "behind you" and in both cases they won't get out of the way forceing me to stop.


Mike Davis

  Pretty obvious to me that the guy in the car really wants to have that P3 stuck into his anal retentive arse......


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